Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MSP 245 Champion Plus Printer Driver Download

Driver Download

Win 3.1
Win 95 / 98 / ME
Win NT
Win 2000
Win 2003
Win XP
Win Vista
Word Star 7
Word Perfect 5.1
Harvard Graphics

MSP 245 Champion Plus

Dot Matrix Printers - 9 Wire 136 col

Target Applications

The printer is targeted at all Invoice, Statements, Accounts & ledger Printing applications, predominantly needing multipart continuous printing (where-ever there is a need for quick printing in draft mode, medium volume & continuous basis with large content per printout)

Target Customer Segments :
Small & Medium businesses like all manufacturing companies
Services firms/outlets like Hospitals, Hotels
Logistics, transport & distribution companies
Banks & Financial Institutions
Self employed professionals like Auditors & lawyers


  1. I fail to understand why the Linux driver is in the form of an exe file.

    Why can't you just provide a PPD file for it.

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  3. pls send the tvs msp 245 champion xl driver soft

    send to mail -

  4. we have tvs 445 dotmatrix printer.we need printer drivers free software and method of installation.

  5. PLEASE SEND ME TVS MSP 245 XL CLASSIC PRINTER DRIVER to mail - i m in deep trouble to take printout since 3 days.

  6. Please send me the installation files for MSP 9 Wire Dot matrix printer.

  7. pls send the tvs msp 245 champion xl driver soft

    send to mail